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Why Genesis Pool?
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Early Engagement with Projects
Improved token allocation for GPool investors
No Pump & Dump
Carefully constructed and secured launches
Genesis Pass & Staking Platform
Reward scheme with multi-token earnings
Decentralized Governance Model
Full voting rights for our community
Seamless User Experience
No KYC, interoperable structure
Unique Tiering System
Earn a Gold GPass and enjoy all the perks

Genesis Staking

A unique Staking Platform that guarantees investors rewards in all tokens that made their IDO with Genesis Pool. Stake your $GPOOL now and start earnings tokens from every single one of the projects!

Projects wanting to work with Genesis Pool

GPool is always open to hear from any projects or individuals who are excited by our philosophy and feel that they would like to work with us to develop their projects and help to prepare them for their future IDO. For every project that is successful in passing through the vetting process and goes on to launch their IDO on GPool, the $GPOOL token holder who referred them will receive a significant reward.