How To Join An IDO
Joining and IDO on Genesis Pool is easy!
All you need to do is to apply to join the allowlist
While it's true that anybody can join the allowlist, this doesn't guarantee you will receive an allocation. If many people join the allowlist, we prioritize the Gold, Silver, Bronze GPass holders first.   Click here to learn how to join the Genesis Pool community and get your GPass.
How To Join Genesis Pool
To join the Genesis Pool investment community, you need to stake your Genesis Pool tokens and start receiving fantastic rewards!
Joining the Genesis Pool community entitles you to a share of rewards from each IDO we run. As a GPass holder, you also become entitled to voting rights to decide on issues such as which projects get funded.   Learn more
Need To Buy Genesis Pool?
Genesis Pool tokens can be purchased via Uniswap and other popular Dex
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Why Genesis Pool?
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Early Engagement with Projects
Improved token allocation for Genesis Pass Holders
Genesis Pass & Staking Platform
Reward scheme with multi-token earnings
Seamless User Experience
No KYC, interoperable structure
No Pump & Dump
Carefully constructed and secured launches
Decentralized Governance Model
Full voting rights for our community
Unique Tiering System
Earn a Gold GPass and enjoy all the perks

Genesis Staking

Genesis Pool’s unique Staking Platform guarantees investors rewards in all tokens that raised capital via the launchpad.

Every IDO initiated on the Genesis Pool launchpad provides a percentage of tokens directly to the staking platform.

The staking platform delivers 100% of the reward tokens back to the investment community without fees or charges.

Our unique staking model ensures a fantastic APY for the Genesis Pass Holder.

All that is required to get your share of the rewards is to stake your Genesis Pool tokens. Once you stake your tokens, you will start receiving rewards immediately.

Staking your tokens for a longer period will lead you to receive a bronze, silver, and finally, gold GPass. The higher your GPass, the more rewards you receive! Find out more.

Raising Capital Via Genesis Pool

Do you have an incredible idea and a motivated team?
Genesis Pool is open to hearing about your project and running through the process of raising capital via our launchpad. We have an online application process that ensures your project qualifies for the community vote. Please fill in the application form and await further instruction if you want to start the process.